Captain’s (kinda) Log 0001

Hey everyone!


Karen and Michael here! Real quick, we’re starting this blog to keep track of interesting information we find during the process of purchasing our live aboard sailboat!

We figured if there is someone else out there that wants to try this lifestyle like we do they’re probably just as lost as we are! We’ll be sharing photos, useful posts, and the like that we find along the way.

As it stands, we are saving up for the down payment and looking to move into an apartment in St. Mary’s/Kingsland area. We are practicing our sailing in our 14 foot Flying Junior. We have had a lot of fun learning the rigging and towing with the Nissan Sentra. That was a hair-raising experience but completely safe. Just nerve-wracking.

The Nissan didn’t have any trouble and it didn’t outright say we couldn’t tow the boat. I have to say, she performed admirably!

So, this will be the log of our adventure and a place to compile our thoughts, useful posts, and ideas. Please feel free to reach out to us on our Contact page. We look forward to sharing this adventure with you!


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