St. Augustine Adventure

Good evening everyone!

Last weekend was beautiful. It was a very relaxing time spent going to St. Augustine. We were going on a St. Augustine cruise. I did not get a shot of it, but I got to see my first wild dolphin. I know it’s probably not that big of a deal but it was really amazing to me.

We also saw another ship on the water named Freedom. You can see her in the video. That was super cool to see her flying down the water. I looked her up online and she does tours. You can even get married on her. Super awesome.

We also got word that we didn’t get approved for a loan, but we did get the rental property we looked at! Moving in on April 15th! We also are looking at live aboard marinas and seeing as Georgia has really weird live aboard laws, we are going to most likely going to be living aboard in Florida when S-Day comes. Prime candidate is Ortega Landing Marina.

Hunters look to be our prime candidate for our boats. We really like the 410s and 420 Passages. Looking to get a boat from 2000 and up for insurance/engine reasons.

This upcoming weekend we are going on a dolphin tour. Time on the water is the best time.

Fair winds!